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Commercial Diving Services 

MDI Contracting is a fast growing company with Commercial diving as a main service. Being located on the most eastern point in North America our divers have experience & the skills required to work safety & efficiently in all types of weather & water conditions.


Our Diving team is fully equipped to support various types of work including but not limited to :

Underwater Construction: welding/cutting, concrete work , coffer dam services, industrial repair, wharf repair & install, ship repair , industrial repair. 

Underwater Inspections : Wharfs, Ships & small vessels , infrastructure inspections, pipe lines , outfalls, intakes, ROV services. 

Contact MDI Contracting today for more information on how we can assist you in your underwater needs. 

MDI Contracting is pleased to provide Newfoundland & Labrador with mobile pipe & cable services. Being located in the oldest city in North America (St.Johns, Newfoundland ) aging infrastructure is an ongoing issue that can be supported, maintained & improved with industry leading equipment that MDI Contracting is constantly upgrading. Some of our services include : 

CCTV NASSCO certified pipe inspection , Sewer cleaning , Sewer jet services, Pipe Tracing, Leak Detection , Cable Locating , Environmental services, Confined space entry services & construction. 


Contact MDI Contracting today for more information on how we can provide assistance to your community. 

Pipe / Cable Services

Construction Services

MDI uses a very versatile locater that can be programmed to find and trace anything from power lines to water mains. Using induction methods most metallic pipe or cable can located and traced. Using transmitting techniques, MDI can also pinpoint breaks or problems found during CCTV inspection to with in a couple of feet, ensuring quick and cost effective solutions to any problems found during pipe inspection.


With multiple years of experience MDI contracting offers a wide variety of construction services. From decking & wheel chair ramps to concreate pads, footings , retaining walls,  and siding. Contact us today for more information.

With the growth & development in Newfoundland at a fast pace MDI Contracting is able to support our clients with cost & time efficient construction projects covering a wide range of subjects. From restoring damaged commercial  buildings to installing concrete housekeeping pads we have the experience & equipment to meet your needs. Our services include , 

Ground work , excavating, concrete work & repair, commercial decking, insulation & framework , demolition, restoration, and more. 

Contact MDI Contracting today to find out out what service we can offer to make your construction project be successful. 

MDI uses leading edge technology to inspect pipelines, anything from municipal water and sewer lines to pipe fabrication quality control. Using the world leading software, WINCAN, and inspectors certified under NASSCO, MDI provides the highest quality inspection and reporting available on the market today.


With a wide variety of accesories MDI can inspect lines as small as 4" up to 48" lines using crawler mounted camera systems. 


MDI can also inspect much smaller lines wiith the use of integrated pushrod cameras and boroscope inspection systems.


Either Inspection or construction , MDI Contracting offers fully trained construction air divers for inshore work. With divers trained in the highest safety standards MDI Contracting can work with any client to complete each dive job not only safetly but in a timely manner.  Contact MDI today. 

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